We hope you’re all gearing up to take part in this year’s National Vegetarian Week, which is starting on May 10th and going on until the 16th – the perfect opportunity to find all sorts of new and delicious recipes you might not have tried before.

They say that the more colourful your plate is, the healthier your diet will be, and veggies are always a brilliantly bright addition to any meal, bringing every dish to life in one quick fell swoop.

To help you all prepare for the 10th and stock the cupboards and fridge full to bursting, the EKO Home team have pulled together a list of our favourite, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and supper. Which of these will you be making first?


Huevos rancheros is always a winner when it comes to breakfast, so if you’re looking for something very tasty, with a bit of a kick and which isn’t too tricky to whip up, this Mexican brekkie would be a great place to begin.

All you need to recreate the magic is some eggs, black beans, avocado, feta, lime, tortilla wraps and some hot chilli sauce. It should only take ten minutes or so to make, so you’ll be feasting before you know it – and it’s bound to be one of those recipes you return to time and time again. Check out this easy BBC Good Food version if you want to try it next week.

If you know you’re going to need breakfast on the go, however, and won’t have the time to hit the kitchen and cook up a storm, overnight oats is an amazingly nutritious option that tastes exactly like cake!

For this, all you’ll need is some Greek yoghurt, honey, rolled oats and a handful or two of frozen mixed fruits. Layer up a jam jar with the different ingredients, put the lid on and then keep it in the fridge overnight. When you get up, the frozen fruits will have melted and you will have a super delicious breakfast with hardly any hassle at all!


Onto the midday meal! Baked feta is a wonderful vegetarian dish and really easy to make, so no problems even if you’re not that confident in the kitchen. Olive Magazine has a really tasty recipe on its website for baked feta with lentils, chilli and herbs – and if you get yourself ready-to-eat lentils, the whole dish will come together in 20 minutes or so.

And if you’re looking for a lunch option that you can batch cook to serve you throughout the week at work, something like this butternut squash risotto would work very well indeed. Just make sure you choose arborio rice when you’re doing your food shopping, as this soaks up the flavour and makes your risotto delicious and creamy.


Finally! The end of the day! If you’re keen to try your hand at some proper vegetarian cooking, what about trying out this Jamie Oliver recipe for roasted aubergine laksa, which takes about an hour to make and serves six people… perfect for a family evening meal.

You’ll need to stock up on aubergines (of course!), red wine vinegar, massaman curry paste, honey roasted cashew nuts, spring onions, ginger, coconut milk and egg noodles… and Jamie himself recommends throwing a few cubes of silken tofu into the mix if you want an extra hit of protein.

Whatever you end up cooking next week, you’re sure to have lots of offcuts from your veggie chopping. Be green and use our food waste caddy to store them in for ease of compost or throwing in the green bin for waste collection.