Decorate your home with Easter decorations that will immerse you in the mood for spring and Easter! There are many ways to decorate the home for Easter, you can fill your house with Easter flower arrangements or bunny decorations, or just add subtle touches of some seasonal decoration. Find ideas for the best decorations to transform your space into an Easter-inspired home!

The Easter bank holiday is the traditional time for spring cleaning, and many people across the UK find Easter weekend is the perfect time to do so, by tidying and organising their homes. We already have a lovely blog up with some of our tips for spring cleaning and organising homes which would be the ideal guide for anyone looking to prepare their homes for decorating and celebrations. If you need a hygienic soap dispenser to keep your hands clean while organising, our Aroma smart sensor soap dispenser is designed to make hand-washing experience easier- available in a choice of colours to match your home décor.

Brighten your home with vibrant flowers and add spring colours to your home. Daffodils, Lilies, Hyacinths, and Tulips are all traditional flowers of Easter making the perfect traditional bloom. These flowers are associated with Easter, and all signify different meanings like new beginnings. They also make beautiful gifts for a loved one on Easter day. There are many ways to use flowers as decorations, you can put them into a lovely vase or some basket with painted eggs- both would be a beautiful addition for your Easter table decoration.

Easter wreath is another great idea for decoration, with a lovely ring of flowers and you can also combine other seasonal decorative items like eggs and bunny decorations. Easter wreaths are perfect to hang on your front door to welcome guests when you’re hosting a special party or an Easter egg hunt. Making an Easter wreath together with friends and family would be a wonderful, Easter-themed activity. It’s time to get creative!

When we think of Easter, decorating eggs is one of the most exciting activities, especially for families and kids. There are endless ways to decorate eggs, you can decorate eggs with various dye methods or paint them with traditional spring colours and display them in wreaths or in decorative baskets. If you’re stuck for design inspirations, here are lots of interesting examples showing all the ways you could accessorise eggs. We recommend paints, beads, coloured paper, patterns, and stickers! And there are numbers of ways to display these in your house- you can use glass jars, wooden boxes, bowls and cake stands, anything that complements your other lovely Easter-inspired decorations.

Wishing you a Happy Easter
EKO Team💚