Good lighting is essential when doing your makeup. In the past, I’ve bought and used many different light-up mirrors, but I’ve never got exactly what I needed. They have always been too low down, needed new batteries every 5 minutes, or have a long bunky cable that needed to be plugged in constantly to use it. The design that I’m after just hasn’t been around, often tall mirrors have a really small mirror space and the lighting is never as powerful as what you actually need it to be. The EKO Home iMira Light Up Sensor Mirror at £129, solved all of these issues and more.

EKO Home iMira Light Up Sensor Mirror

What’s so good about the EKO Home iMira Light Up Sensor Mirror? 

Firstly, I know what you’re thinking, £129 for a mirror? Well, let me tell you why it’s worth the price and why you need to enter this giveaway. The most important thing to note with this mirror is that it’s a 5x magnification mirror only. I’ve never been this zoomed-in before but it really does make application of makeup, plucking eyebrows, dyeing eyelashes and even applying false lashes, so much easier.

However, I do have to swap mirrors for when I’m doing my hair, so that is my one and only negative about this mirror. I’d love if there was a normal mirror option with an added on magnification on top. They do have this option, but on the other model (priced slightly higher at £159.99) the main mirror is a 1x magnification and the smaller one is a travel version at 5x magnification. It does mean that this mirror would be absolutely amazing for anyone who struggles with their eyesight though and that really is a key selling point here.

EKO Home iMira Light Up Sensor Mirror does exactly what it says, lights up but not just in one way. It actually has an impressive 3 different settings, Natural, Bright, and Warm as well as a dimmer bar on the back that is touch-sensitive. It’s so bright and powerful that you could get ready in a completely dark room. I personally stick to ‘Natural’ as it’s the brightest and whitest light which means my colours show up the truest. The mirror has a sensor function that detects when you’re in front of the mirror and turns the light off when you move away, which is great for saving battery. Earlier I mentioned the sizes of tall mirrors and I should point out that this is much bigger than anything I’ve come across before at 20cm wide.

Worried about the position of the mirror? As you can see in my two photos, this EKO Home iMira Light Up Sensor Mirror can move a lot. It tilts 180 degrees so it can be a taller mirror or a lower down mirror depending on your vanity table set up. It also means that it’s pretty great for those of us with chronic pain issues and bad backs, as I don’t have to be crouched over a mirror anymore and I can sit up straight and see everything as clear as I need to! It’s for this reason, being able to do my makeup with slightly less pain than normal, that I don’t mind switching mirrors to do my hair. It’s worth it. You can adjust it to wherever you want to be comfortable, it really has such great flexibility about it.

EKO Home iMira Light Up Sensor Mirror

EKO Home iMira Light Up Sensor Mirror

It charges via a USB Type-C Cable which isn’t the same as others you might have around so don’t lose or assume you already have one. I bought an extra long one so I can move around my table whilst charging, or charge it whilst it’s on my storage unit. One full charge can last up to 4 hours!
I’ve been using the EKO Home iMira Light Up Sensor Mirror non-stop since it arrived, it really is so great for anything do to with makeup or skincare.

EKO Home IMira Light Up Sensor Mirror – GIVEAWAY

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