This is why good ventilation in the kitchen is important

The kitchen, the beating heart of our home, is where we lovingly prepare tasty dishes and where family and friends often gather for a good time. However, there’s more to this culinary experience than you might think. Besides the delightful aromas and flavours, the kitchen is also a source of moist air, stubborn grease residues, and cooking odours. Therefore, proper kitchen ventilation is invaluable. Good ventilation does more than just provide a fresh and healthy environment, and in this blog, you’ll discover why!


Why Good Ventilation is Important You might wonder, “Why is ventilation so important?” Simply put, ventilation is key to maintaining a fresh and healthy atmosphere in the kitchen. During cooking, various substances are released into the air, such as moisture, grease, and aromas. If these elements are not properly expelled, they can lead to unwanted odours and even health issues. Moreover, there is a risk that excess moisture in your kitchen could lead to mould growth, which is certainly something you’d want to avoid!

How to Ensure Good Ventilation?

This indispensable hero ensures that cooking vapours are neatly expelled, keeping your kitchen a fresh oasis. But to keep this champion performing at its best, adequate maintenance is a must. This means that the filters should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Discover our extensive range of extractor hoods here and give your kitchen ventilation the attention it deserves!

Regularly Air Out the Space Furthermore, it’s also important to air your kitchen regularly. Open a window or door during or after cooking to allow the air to clear. Even when you’re not cooking, it’s crucial to ventilate your kitchen well. So, go ahead and throw those windows wide open!

Don’t Place the Cooktop Too Close to the Wall

Did you know that the layout of the kitchen plays a role in ventilation? We advise not placing the cooktop too close to a wall, as this can obstruct the airflow. Always try to ensure there is ample space around your cooktop!