This year’s National Gardening Week is just around the proverbial corner, taking place between April 26th and May 2nd, which means that there’s no time like the present to sit down and have a think about how you want to mark the occasion.

Even if you don’t have a garden or patio, you can still join in all the fun – what about setting up a kitchen garden indoors, growing your own herbs and chilli plants?

Flowers in pots do very well on windowsills and it’s incredibly satisfying watching shoots sprout up, flourishing and blooming month by month. Before you know it, your entire house will be filled to the rafters with beautiful plants, flowers, herbs and all sorts.

Organised by the RHS, this year’s campaign theme is Get Your Dose of Vitamin G and, as the organisation’s director of science professor Alistar Griffiths explains, “Vitamin G is ‘green’ and research has shown that getting a daily dose improves our sense of personal wellbeing”.

Professor Griffiths goes on to say: “Aim to bring green into your daily life as much as possible for maximum benefits. There are dozens of ways to connect with nature and you don’t even need to have your own garden to get your Vitamin G.”

The RHS has all sorts of useful hints and tips to help you get started and join in with the campaign this year, whether that’s by heading to your garden or a local green space somewhere to take a few mindful moments or bringing the outside in with a plethora of houseplants.

Or what about planting up a few containers to put outside your home, combining lots of beautifully coloured and scented flowers, foliage and tactile grasses to create a stunning display that’s sure to make you smile whenever you come home.

Professor Griffiths explains that spending time in outdoor spaces is absolutely critical for our sense of wellbeing and he advises us all to go and really pay attention to the plants in our gardens or other spaces. If you feel like you really need to indulge in some restful time, for example, try sitting opposite some green and blue flowers and plants, as these are relaxing and calming.

But if you want to feel happy and recharged, head for the reds, oranges and yellows. You’ll soon feel incredibly energised and ready to take on the world.

You could also get up a little bit earlier than you might otherwise do and enjoy the dawn chorus once a week. Gardens are full of beautiful birds and listening to birdsong can be incredibly soothing. Why not give it a try and see how good you feel?

We’d love to hear how you intend to mark National Gardening Week, so get in touch to let us know what you have planned. Why not give yourself a dose of Vitamin G and see how good you could feel!

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