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We can’t go to our favourite 5 star hotels to luxuriate at the moment. However, you can still satisfy your craving for a luxuriate getaway experience. Look no further as your next hotel experience can be at home, saving you the hassle of packing.
Here is our step by step guide to creating a five-star hotel feel at home.

From freshly delivered flowers to sensuous bed linen, luxury scented candles and delicious cookie dough delights.
Featuring our beautiful EKO Galleria Sensor Bin in copper. Also available in Stainless Steel, rose gold, and white.

Keep It Clean
A posh bin – A beautifully designed, hygienic and convenient no-touch copper bin with an interactive motion sensor? Enter the EKO Galleria sensor bin so just simply wave your hand over the bin and enjoy the satisfying soft closing lid. Add to that sleek elegant curves and a built in perfume capsule holder to keep it smelling fresh and you can keep things clean luxuriate style.

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