When it comes to choosing the very best Mother’s Day gifts, our gift guide offers a lovely range of beautiful homeware items. We have compiled a list of our favourite gift ideas to make your mum feel extra appreciated this year. We are confident you can find the perfect gift to surprise the extra special women in your life!



Treat your mum to a luxurious hand-washing experience with our Aroma sensor soap dispenser– the ideal gift to go hands-free at the bathroom sink. It also makes the perfect homeware/bathroom décor for your mum or anyone you want to thank this Mother’s Day. With the sleek design of the soap dispenser, we are sure she will be excited to display it in her lovely bathroom.

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If your mum is the most practical person in your life, we guarantee she will appreciate this simple and reliable EKO Deco food caddy, which is perfect for kitchen countertops. Stylish and practical, our food waste caddy also has antibacterial properties to keep your kitchen hygienic and easy to clean. For anyone who loves to cook, this is a small but thoughtful gift. Make sure you’re offering to do the food preparation too!”

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This may be one of our favourites! The perfect self-care gift for the woman who spends all her time looking after everyone else. A sensor mirror is a special gift for your mum to use to make her beauty routine easier and effortless. Our iMira Ultra Clear sensor mirror is designed to instantly brighten the vanity and help achieve precision while applying makeup. Our iMira mirror gives full visibility, even in the darkest of rooms and great lighting means there are fewer mistakes. This mirror is truly the gift of confidence so your mum can look and feel her best! It’s all in the details!

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This one might bean unusual one, but you can never go wrong with a beautiful bin for the kitchen. Especially if your mum is an interior design lover, or just looking for décor inspiration for the kitchen, our EKO X Cube 45L is the perfect and practical gift for her. A stylish and sleek bin is also a wonderful idea to make anyone enjoy their kitchen more. The simplicity of our soft-close feature also makes disposing of waste much more convenient and hygienic.


Lastly.. to all the mum’s, we see and appreciate all that you do, and we love you!


Happy Mother’s Day

EKO Team 💚