Deco Caddy 4L

Durable food waste caddy bin for the simple disposal of compostable kitchen waste.

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A simple, hygienic way to dispose of compostable waste.

Small enough for keeping on a kitchen counter, the EKO food waste caddy is made with antibacterial properties to keep it hygienic and easy to clean.
The ‘stay open’ lid makes it easy to deposit waste whilst preparing food and the inner frame keeps bin bags securely in place.

Features include:

• Small enough to keep on a kitchen counter
• Antibacterial properties to keep it hygienic and easy to clean
• Stay open lid for easy waste disposal
• Inner frame to keep bin bags secure

Product Code EK6010 4L
Capacity 4L
Dimensions  H16.5 x W24 x D17cm
Height with lid open 30cm
Warranty 1 years
Room Kitchen
Material Plastic
Bar code 6951800683051 (Grey), 6951800683044 (Titanium Blue)


● Use a soft damp cloth to clean.
● Do not use a corrosive liquid to clean the product.

7 reviews for Deco Caddy 4L

  1. Helen

    Stylish compost caddy
    Good size and modern design kitchen compost caddy. Can be used with or without liners.

  2. Anita99

    Neat caddy
    This caddy is sleek. It’s understated appearance makes it a pleasure on the sink side. The bag loop is hidden and functionality is simple. It’s what you need for food waste. We used the council supplied bin until now and it was unsightly but appreciated the difference straightaway when we started using this bin.
    Overall a wonderful kitchen addition.

  3. Nick604

    Nicely designed but could do with being bigger
    Nice simple clean design and I particularly like the little insert that holds the bag in place. I also like that the lid can hold itself open upright.
    My only gripe is that it is a bit small. The one it replaces was bigger and fitted the bags; this one is smaller and so it fills more quickly, necessitating changing more often and throwing away bags which still have room in them.
    Otherwise, it’s good.

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Antibacterial: Antibacterial properties to keep germs and bacteria at bay.


Inner Rim: Useful inner rim to keep bin liners in place.


Simple: Easy, hassle free bag changing and cleaning.


Care, Use & Accessories

Recommended use of biodegradable caddy/bin liners.
External surfaces: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and then dry with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or strong chemical cleaners.
Buckets: Remove from unit and clean with hot, soapy water. Wipe dry before replacing back into the unit..
Odours: To eliminate any unwanted odours we recommend using EKO odour filters and/or EKO perfume capsules.


Dimensions: H16.5 x W24 x D17cm
(with lid open 30cm)


Care: Use a soft damp cloth to clean. Wipe dry with a clean dry cloth. Do not use corrosive liquids.


Compatible Liners: EKO recommend using biodegradable caddy liners SIZE 3-6L.


Warranty: 1 Years. All EKO products are designed and engineered to last.

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