Size F-1 Bin Liners 18-28L, 20 bags

Extra strong bin liners

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Extra strong, durable bin bags.

The EKO 18-28L bin liners are precisely tailored to fit a corresponding EKO bin so that you always buy the correct size and aren’t left with unsightly overhang.
Made of extra strong, durable, quality plastic and with integrated drawstring tie handles to make waste disposal safe and simple when taking out the rubbish. Easy to lift, tie and carry.

• Tear free roll pack, for easy opening. Unlike many others, EKO bin liners are not attached to each other.
• Integrated drawstring handles so they are easy to lift, tie and carry.
• Suitable for EKO Recycling Bins with two inner buckets, e.g. X Cube 20+20L, Ecofly 20+20L, Deluxe Phantom 20+20L or Neo Cube 28+18L,
• 20 bags per pack.

Product Code EK33706-1
Dimensions  49x68cm with an open perimeter of 94cm
● Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies & children.
Material PE
Bar code 6951800600614

6 reviews for Size F-1 Bin Liners 18-28L, 20 bags

  1. Nik (verified owner)

    Order not received, no tracking number to properly track the delivery of this order and finally, when attempting to send a message to chase up the order via the Contact Us feature of, I receive an error!

  2. Robert Haspineall (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  3. Lukasz (verified owner)

    While I was purchasing Morandi Touch 40L bins, in the description you have recommended F-1 Bin liner, but this is a misleading recommendation as they’re way to small. Depth is fine, but the diameter of them, to fit the frame is WAAY to small. They, tear up while you stretch them to fit in the bin. Absolutely rubbish. How it came to your mind to recommend a product which is too small to fit.

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Perfect fit bin liners:

EKO bin liners are precisely tailored to fit corresponding EKO bins and are also suitable for other bins of similar sizes.
Extra strong, durable and compatible with our EKO bin buckets and bin bag fixers to help keep the bin looking neat and tidy at all times.

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