X Cube Kitchen Bin 45L

State of the art stainless steel pedal bin with an anti bacterial coating, germ resistant removable inner bucket, deodorizer compartment and a silicone seal to contain odours. Sleek design to fit flat against a wall.

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State of the art kitchen bin that combines style, hygiene and convenience.

The EKO X Cube bin is a state of the art waste bin and is perfect for busy families needing a hygienic waste disposal solution.
This 45L capacity has a removable, inner bucket to make bag changes and bin cleaning easy.
The super hygienic X Cube bin is made of a high quality fingerprint resistant, brushed stainless steel to give a refined finish.
A special antibacterial Nano coating has also been applied to help keep germs at bay. There is also the added benefit of a silicone seal to trap odours inside and a built in deodoriser compartment to help to keep your bin smelling fresh.
The bucket has a bag holder function allowing bags to be kept secure and the bin rim to be kept looking neat and tidy with no messy overhang.
The shape of the bin has been kept sleek and will fit flat against walls to save space.
The durable pedal on the X Cube bin has been tested to last more than 100,000 times and to give you even more confidence in our designs the X Cube bin comes with a 10 year warranty.

Features include:

• High quality brushed stainless steel for a refined, sleek look
• Antibacterial clear coating on stainless steel and germ resistant inner bucket, for maximum hygiene
• Removable inner bucket for easy bag change and cleaning
Space efficient design that fits perfectly against a wall
• Fingerprint resistant
• Durable pedal mechanism, tested to last more than 100,000 times
• Deodorizer compartment, to hold an EKO carbon odour filter or a perfume capsule
• Silicone seal to keep odours inside the bin
• Soft close lid
• Movable frame lifts up to keep the lid open – to help with longer tasks and and make bag changing easy
• Bin bag fixer holds any size bag in place. So no more shopping around for the ‘perfect’ bin liners
• 10 year guarantee

Product Code EK9368_45L
Capacity 45L
Dimensions H65 x W43 x D33cm
Height with lid open 89.42cm
Deodorizer Compartment Carbon odour filter EK8147 or perfume capsules EK8011B, EK8011G (accessories sold separately)
Matching Bin Liner F
Warranty 10 years
Room Kitchen
Material Stainless Steel, PP Inner Bucket
Barcode Stainless Steel 6951800616493, Grey 6951800604995
● Use a soft damp cloth to clean the bin and the inner bucket.
● Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
● Do not use a corrosive liquid to clean the product.

10 reviews for X Cube Kitchen Bin 45L

  1. RYLDN

    Really nice size and shape, fits perfectly against the side of my kitchen units. Also like the slow closing lid, no more loud bin slamming!

  2. KatJ11

    Really pleased with this bin. Looks good and easy to change the bags. Particularly like the soft close lid, I would recommend.

  3. AlanamGibson

    Very nice looking bin which is also very sturdy. It has a large pedal at the bottom to open the soft close lid so no finger prints on yours stainless steel. If you do end up with finger prints or marks on it I would recommend buffing away with a micro fibre cloth, worked wonders for me! I use this as a recycling only bin for loose cardboard and plastics, it holds loads so we don’t need to empty it all the time but when we do its so easy due to the inner plastic tub that you just take out. It also has a space in the lid for an odour filter which didn’t seem to come with mine but I might have missed it in the packaging! Good if you are putting general waste in that may smell but not something I require right now.

    Would recommend this item and would buy more from this brand.

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X Cube Nano Coating 1

Antibacterial Coating: High quality fingerprint resistant Stainless Steel, coated in a special anti-bacterial nano coating to eliminate bacteria from the surface.


Deodorizer Compartment: Built in deodorizer compartment compatible with EKO carbon filter or perfume capsules.


Clever Frame: Entire lid frame lifts and stays open for long tasks such as cleaning and bag changes.

5 Star Reviews - Chipmunk Woodbridge 31 January 2020
“This stylish waste bin is exactly as it says in the product description. It works well ‘hands free’ using the foot pedal, closes slowly and silently, also uses non EKO waste bags and doesn’t show fingermarks. Excellent build quality and has a 10 year guarantee!”

Care, Use & Accessories

Recommended use of EKO bin liners SIZE F.
Also suitable for use with any standard size bin liners or bags due to the bag fixer keeping all bags in place.
External surfaces: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and then dry with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or strong chemical cleaners.
Buckets: Remove from unit and clean with hot, soapy water. Wipe dry before replacing back into the unit.
Odours: To eliminate any unwanted odours we recommend using EKO odour filters and/or EKO perfume capsules.


Dimensions: H65 x W43 x D33cm
(with lid open 89.4cm)


Care: Use a soft damp cloth to clean. Wipe dry with a clean dry cloth. Do not use corrosive liquids.


Compatible Liners: EKO bin liners SIZE F.


Warranty: 10 Years. All EKO products are designed and engineered to last.

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