Find the right recycling bin for you

compact recycling

Ecocasa Recycling Bin 15+15L is a compact size bin with two colour coded, removable compartments for easy waste separation.

Space efficient with DUAL OPENING lid

Ecofly Recycling Bin 20+20L is a stainless steel, space saving kitchen bin that fits perfectly under counters and flat against walls. Handy built in wheels for easy movement.

Hands free recycling

Phantom Deluxe Kitchen Bin 20+20L is an award winning motion sensor bin with an interactive display and two removable, colour coded compartments. A space saving design, fits flat against a wall.

three compartments

Ecocasa Recycling Bin 15+15+15 has 3 three colour coded, removable compartments for easy waste separation.

Top of the range anti bacterial solution

X Cube Recycling Bin 20+20L: State of the art recycling bin with an anti bacterial coating, germ resistant removable inner buckets, deodorizer compartment and a silicone seal to contain odours.

Easy touch open

Essential Touch 20+20L is a clever recycling bin for easy waste separation. The EKO Essential Touch Recycler bin is the perfect choice for busy and eco-friendly families.


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