Colour psychology is a fascinating concept in interior design. The shades we have in our living spaces make a huge difference to how we feel when we’re at home.

We’re loving that blue is having a serious moment right now when it comes to home interiors. It’s such a versatile colour, with so many different tones and shades that can create a unique and interesting style for your home.

Psychologically, blue is a wonderful choice for home decor, as it’s inherently calming and serene, known to help bring down your blood pressure and slow your heart rate… particularly good for bathrooms and bedrooms – anywhere you want to relax.

But, of course, it’s not necessarily as simple as just picking out a shade of blue and getting the paintbrushes out. To create a successful interior design scheme, it helps to plan and research a little – so here are a few top tips from us to help you get it right first time.

Happy decorating!

Think about emotions, before thinking about colour

When making home decoration choices, a great question to ask yourself first is how do you want to feel when you’re in a particular room. Once you’ve created a list of emotions, you can then match this with certain colours, and use this list to help create the right look for you via a Pinterest or mood board. You can also use a colour wheel or other online resources to amazing effect in different parts of the house.

Think about the orientation of your rooms

When choosing the shades of blue you want to bring in at home, first of all think about which way your rooms face, as this will help inform your choices. If, for example, the room faces to the north, you may have less warm sunlight flooding in, so going for a blue in warmer tones can help counteract this.

Try it in the kitchen

While blue is often seen in bedrooms and bathrooms, it works wonders in kitchen spaces, as well. Dark blue cabinets will always look stylish and they’ll never go out of fashion, so you’ll love them for years to come… and opt for gold or brass for your fixtures and fittings to really create a lovely warm, welcoming space.

Start off small

It can be daunting to go bold with your interior choices at first, so why not start off small by bringing in blue furnishings, accessories or smaller furniture items so you can see how much you like it.

We have a lot of blue products that can help you decide if it’s the colour for you, everything from recycling bins, touch bins and bathroom bins to food waste caddies… the perfect introduction to this beautiful colour.

Choose your colour combinations carefully

One of the great things about blue is that it goes with lots of other colours. If you consider the emotion you want for your living spaces, it will help guide your decisions. Pairing blue with yellows, reds and oranges will make your rooms feel warmer, while using white or pastels will create a sense of peace and elegance.

“She liked the colour blue.
Not because of the pain it endured.
But the ocean that she loved.
The butterfly that flew
The eyes that she was lost in”

~ Rena Kapasi