How do I clean my EKO Sensor bin?

Your EKO Sensor bin contains electronic parts inside the lid, so don’t dip the lid into water or use a corrosive liquid to clean it. Instead, use a dry cloth to clean the buttons and lights on the lid. Use a soft damp cloth to clean the body of the bin and inner bucket. Then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

How do I clean my EKO Pedal bin?

Use a soft damp cloth to clean the lid, body and inner bucket. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Don’t use aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents.

Fixing the Bin Liners
1) Put the bin bag inside the bucket and then wrap the top of the bag around the top of the inner bucket;
2) Press any excess bag through the hole in the inner bucket. This will help it stay securely in place.
Sensor Bins - Battery Installation
  • 1battery1 Open the battery cover and take out old batteries (if there are any)
  • 2battery2 Install 6 x AA batteries into the battery box. Make sure that the + and – ends are in the correct position (6 x AA batteries not included)
  • 3battery3 Close the battery cover, making sure that it clips shut securely
  • 4battery4 Turn on the switch button

Use only new, regular alkaline batteries. Don’t use rechargeable batteries and don’t mix brands or old and new batteries

Sensor Bins - Functions
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Effective Range: This product will sense when an object passes through the sensor’s range, which is about 7.87in/20cm(±1.97in/5cm) above the panel.

Sensor Mute: There is a switch on bottom of the lid to turn on and off the sensor. When the switch is in the “I”(on) position, the unit is in Sensor Mode. In this mode, the unit can be operated by both sensor or manually. When the switch is to the “O”(off) position, the unit is in Manual Mode. In this mode, the
sensor is deactivated. The unit can only be operated manually.

The operating functions for both modes are as follow:

Sensor Modes:
Manual Mode – The lid stays closed and the bin is waiting for a motion signal to open. A light flashes to indicate the unit is
powered on.

Sensor Mode –

When the product senses an object within range, the lid will open. The lid will stay open as long as the object stays in range. After the object is removed from range, the lid will close in 5 seconds.

Manual Mode –

The lid can be opened by pressing the“ ” button. The lid will stay opened until the “ ” button is pressed. During this mode, the light in the middle will flash.

Sensor Bins - Lighting Indicator

The light in the middle indicate Waiting/Manual mode All lights will turn on when the sensor spots open signal The lights start to turn off when the open signal is removed. The remaining number of the lights indicates the remaining seconds till the lids close

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