This beautiful sleek Mirage X Sensor Bin by Eko Home is part of an innovative range of bins to suit your needs including various recycling design options.

I have a lot of good things to report about this bin and can make a good comparison using first hand experience.
Firstly look at the beautiful shine – it’s cleverly made of brushed stainless steel and a welcome fingerprint resistant material. Secondly – can you see the bin liner? Of course not – it’s been expertly designed to always look it’s best and not let an ugly black or white bin liner spoil its appearance – it’s more like a sleek piece of furniture than a waste bin.
It has a cute little feature where you can insert a fragrance pouch to keep your kitchen smelling fresh too.
With its interactive display being a great feature it also has an on/off switch so if you prefer to use it manually you can easily. The lid has a very slight curvature and easily lifts without the need of fingernails. In auto mode the lid is surprisingly quiet, reflective of its expert engineering.
The Mirage X Sensor Bin has a 45 ltr capacity but at the same time it’s compact and space saving compared to similar bins.

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So do I know my bins?

Well until this arrived yesterday, our daily battle with our old sensor bin to open has become the norm and it’s honestly moody! It sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t. The bag is visible and it takes up lots more space than the Mirage X. However if you are sat there thinking you are happy with your current waste bin, the Mirage X has another use. With the much desired fashionable grey and stainless steel bathroom design. This would make a beautiful compact laundry bin.

To sum up the beautiful sleek and stylish Mirage X Sensor Bin from EKO Home stands discreetly, stylishly and quietly ready to open, to store, on demand.
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Thank you to Debs at Lifestyles & Luxuries for you fantastic review.