Sometimes we all have just a bit too much waste that seems recyclable but can’t be recycled easily at home: old furniture, car parts, gardening waste, or simply too much cardboard for your bin. It can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, we wanted to help you find your nearest recycling centre, to make the entire process much easier.  

Its not always the most enjoyable job to do but there are many pros that come with getting into the habit of recycling correctly. For example, it can reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and ultimately helps reduce your carbon footprint, which in the long run will be extremely helpful to our environment. 

  This is something here at EKO Home we all believe we should be trying our best to work on and do what we can, where we can. Recycling household materials correctly also helps reduce the need for harvesting raw materials, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gases. This is all stuff that happens in everyday life not many people are even aware of. To find out more on why it is so important to correctly recycle, the link below has facts about what negative impacts recycling incorrectly causes and what good recycling habits can eventually lead to. Furthermore, we know the confusion when it comes to recycling so we wanted to share information on what can be taken to a recycling centre.   Recycling centres are very diverse with what they accept to be recycled. Recycling centres except all sorts of items such as – furniture, cardboard, gardening waste, batteries (car and normal), carpet excess, electrical waste (TVS) and various other items you wouldn’t be able to dispose of normally. Therefore, we want to encourage you to find your nearest recycling centre so it is an easier process, and you can take your waste to the correct place. This website can be used to find your nearest recycling centre to make things easier for yourself. It is simple to use and can help you go forward with new healthy positive habits that help yourself, and the environment in an active way.