The Express have released a fantastic article on how to clean and disinfect the most germ-ridden parts of your kitchen and proudly features our EKO Deluxe Phantom Sensor bin.

Cleaning has never been more important since the outbreak of Coronavirus. However research reveals that many areas of the home are being overlooked and are not being cleaned properly or often enough.

Kitchens are one of the most used places in the house, with food being prepared in there daily, and many people walking in and out at various times.

Susan Fermor, Dr Beckmann spokesperson said: “As many of us are now working from home, our houses are playing a dual role as an office and home so many areas will need extra cleaning and attention to combat excess dirt and bacteria that may be building up. Some household jobs may have been overlooked so now is the time to tackle them.”

From surfaces, to kitchen cupboards, to bins, keeping them clean and hygienic is just one way to help stop the spread of bacteria.

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The Kitchen Bin

One of the most overlooked places is the kitchen bin.
Even though the bin stores food waste and rubbish, it still needs to be cleaned and can be a breeding ground for germs if not.
To clean the bin wipe over the lid a couple of times a week, using a disinfectant wipe or spray.
Investing in a foot-operated bin or even a sensor bin will remove the need to touch the bin, keeping it hygienic and germ free.

The EKO Deluxe Phantom is a state of the art recycling bin with a no-touch sensor opening allowing you to keep food waste and recycling as hygienic as possible.

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Have a read of the full article here – How to clean and disinfect the most germ-ridden parts of your kitchen.

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