So where to start… there are lots of things we do in everyday life that contribute to damaging our environment. We want to enlighten you on how easily we can make a difference and change a few things. For example, how we can tweak everyday decisions to care for the environment better.

Firstly, everyday travel, the moment you turn your car on to do maybe a 5-minute journey or maybe even 3-hour journey, air pollutants from vehicles are released. These include nitrogen oxides, particles, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. All have a damaging impact on the health of people, animals, and vegetation locally. If you think how many people drive cars each day… that’s a lot of pollution. We can slightly change this by opting for public transport every so often. This will result in less air pollution from our cars.

Secondly, electricity. The estimated CO 2 emission from the world’s electrical power industry is 10 billion tonnes a year. This leads to an increase in the Earth’s levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Resulting in enhancing the greenhouse effect and contributing to global warming. We can resolve this by remembering to turn the lights of when not in use and putting a jumper on before whacking the heating up. You can have a look at governmental tips on the link below 

Thirdly the impact of incorrect recycling. Incorrect recycling can overall lead to pollution. This happens due to the sorting process not being the purest. For example, metals and other chemicals may leak into the land and water where the recycling is taking place. This takes a toll on the environment and inhabitants. Overtime causing water, air, soil, and land pollution. We can fix this by knowing where the right place for potential chemical waste it. Such as taking it to the correct recycling centre and making sure it goes in its correct place to avoid any extra damage we can easily help. One of our bins that has 2 sections making recycling a lot easier is linked belown

Overall, we want to spread the message that by doing little things like turning the lights off, or once a month going to a recycling centre to dispose of difficult waste correctly we can all together make a difference and feel we are doing our best.