If you’re looking for motivation to start organising your home, we’ve got some simple tips just for you. January 14 is the day for you to get started on this year’s spring cleaning to keep your home clean and tidy on Organise Your Home Day. The perfect time to get your family involved with routines to maintain a clutter-free home.

‘A spring clean is the perfect opportunity to sort through all of your belongings and re-evaluate what you actually need in your home,’ says Harsha Rathnayake, founder of Junk hunters. This is a great starting point, understanding that it’s ideal to only have the necessary things in your living space. If you have things in your house that are broken or damaged, these items will start to pile up and clutter your space. Less is more, and the things that are left after you have de-cluttered are the things that you truly love having around you. So, create your own happy place!

Firstly, choose and start with one room or place in your house. Once you have decided to tackle an area, give yourself enough time to organise through all the items you have in the room. A great tip is to organise items that are most valuable or necessary to be easily accessible for you and your family. Always ask yourself if it’s logical or if it makes sense to have these items in that space. You may realise that you could find a better place for them in your home, which you can organise time to focus on next.

Good storage space is the answer. If you have limited space in your house which may create an untidy look, find creative ways to store your essentials. For example, utilise the back of doors to hang items and accessories. You can also use the space under your bed to store away your seasonal clothing, while making sure this is neatly organised after you have donated things you don’t use anymore.

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Happy organising
EKO Team