Proud to announce our EKO Deluxe Phantom Recycling Sensor Bin claimed the No.1 spot in The Best Kitchen Bins To Buy by Expert Reviews.Deluxe Phantom 3

We love the EKO recycling bin because it has it all. The 20+20l capacity is spacious, yet somehow still slimline and the brushed chrome exterior looks incredibly stylish while also being fingerprint-resistant. The bin’s sensor works perfectly and has a couple of nifty settings that make using it a breeze.

The digital screen has a countdown timer to show you how long is left until the bin lid closes, so you don’t get caught out mid-disposal. Better still, if you’ve got lots of veggies to peel, you stop the bin from closing automatically by tapping the ‘open-bin’ icon.

Like many of the pricier bins available now, the EKO DLX has its own custom fit liners, which you can buy at John LewisRobert Dyas and EKO’s website. However, one of the selling points of this bin is that other liners will fit and stay in place. So as long as your bin liners are a similar length to the DLX Phantom, you can, in theory, carry on using your normal liners.

Key specs – Capacity: 20×20 litres; Dimensions (WDH): 46x27x66 ; Colours: Silver; Warranty: 3 years