There’s nothing worse than having a dusty germ-ridden house, is there? Tidy space, tidy mind, or so they say… but because we all lead such hectic, busy lives these days, it can actually be easier said than done to keep on top of all that cleaning. It often feels like you’ve only just put the mop down before you have to pick it back up again and start all over again!

Looking around your home and constantly seeing grime, dirt and mess quickly becomes hugely irritating, not to mention being a little on the risky side when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Bacteria and viruses can be left on surfaces without a rigorous cleaning regime in place, so regular cleaning is a must… even if you don’t enjoy the chores.

Luckily, however, for those of you out there who really hate getting out the vacuum cleaner and doing the dusting, there are all sorts of ways you can go about making the job easier for you, getting it done a lot quicker and allowing you to go and do something you actually like doing. Here are some top tips from the EKO Home team!

Declutter regularly

It can be really difficult doing a good job with the cleaning if you have lots of belongings here, there and everywhere. No wonder you put it off if your tables are covered in stuff and you can’t see the floor for clothes. Tidy up as you go and have a proper declutter every few months or so, either recycling what you don’t need or use, or donating to charity.

Get everyone involved

Everyone contributes to the mess, so everyone should help tidy up! Giving everyone their own specific jobs each week and doing them together might even be fun… and you can come up with some kind of reward at the end for when you’ve all finished your jobs.

Keep your cleaning products together

Efficiency gains are important, no matter what you’re doing, and you can make cleaning a lot easier if you know exactly where all your products are when you need them. No more hunting around for that errant microfibre cloth!

Do one task at a time

Flitting between jobs can mean you forget to do something and make you feel like you’re constantly cleaning, so tackle one task at a time before moving on. Dust, then vacuum, then mop and do this throughout the whole house before you start something else, rather than cleaning the house room by room instead.

Think about your interior design

You can even design your home to help facilitate an easy clean, investing in the likes of hard surface floors, washable materials, easy-to-clean fabrics, voice control and touchless lighting, touchless flushes on the toilet, touchless taps… there’s a lot you could do!