How To Achieve Your Dream Eco-Friendly Home…

Having a beautiful dream eco-friendly home is an amazing aspiration to have, and surprisingly easily to achieve. We want to share a few ideas to get you one step closer to having an outstanding eco home.

Starting off with the one everyone loves the idea of but isn’t that common as of right now…. Solar powered renewable energy. Here at EKO Home, we love the idea of having renewable FREE energy for your home. This of course means it doesn’t cost a thing after having solar panels installed. This leads to saving money and cutting out electricity bills overall. Research shows an average sized one-bedroom house needs six solar panels to power it fully. A typical three-bedroom house requires 10 panels, and a five-bedroom house will usually need 14 panels.

The average cost of an electricity bill for the year of 2022 was £2,500 overall. A single solar panel ranges from around £500-£700. Meaning across 5 years for a typical 3-bedroom house using 10 solar panels it will cost roughly is £6,500 to buy and install, whereas sticking to normal electricity over 5 years it can end up costing around £12,500. Which is a huge difference and almost double in cost.

Moving swiftly on to insulation… when was the last time you upgraded your insulation?

Having trustworthy insulation is one of the best things that can be done to prevent having to turn the heating on. Good insulation sheets are around £30 meaning investing some money can mean in the long run you can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall to achieve having an eco-home there’s numerous things you can do, it doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Some eco household tips are free and just mean changing what you would usually do to the eco-friendlier way. A few smaller ones consist of – taking a ‘Fabric First’ approach (using blankets instead of turning the heating up), reusing what you have already, when redecorating use low VOC paints, shop locally, update your windows etc. Using the link below, this website has very clear information that can help you work out what you can do to achieve an eco-home.

Overall, here at EKO Home we believe everyone should try out having an eco-home in some sense. The smaller eco tasks are basically just changing everyday things we do to the most environmentally friendly version. Within reason and without even having to spend a penny we can all help in some way to achieve a healthier eco lifestyle, household, and environment.