September is a time of new beginnings: schools return, Autumn creeps into our lives and the countdown to Christmas begins. Whether we are ready to ditch the espadrilles or not it is a great time to rejuvenate our New Year resolutions, or even make new ones.  

With National Recycling Week being celebrated 19th – 25th September there is no better time to recharge our recycling habits and target the contamination and clutter in our lives by putting them to a new and exciting use.  Here at EKO Home we live and breathe recycling and have a wide range of products to help you and your family take manageable steps. From bins made with mostly recycled plastic, with up to 10 years warranty demonstrating their long life and durability, to our  compostable bin liners – say hello to next summer’s compost – we are here to help get recycling sorted!  

So put yourselves on the frontline and join a volunteer repair group in your local area; swap your single use cup for a reusable one when you get your morning caffeine fix; declutter your loft, garage, or that cupboard where everything gets shoved and forgotten about (yes, we all have one) and give those unwanted items to charity shops and clothes banks. Alternatively get crafty and upcycle old furniture, or donate used cartons, newspapers and plastics (clean of course!) to a local toddler or craft group. Remember one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. 

Recyling is an easy, achievable way to help the environment and by making one small change in our habits we can have a long-term impact on the future of our planet. To find out more about National Recycling week visit  

Happy recycling! 

From the EKO Home team 💚