EKO Bin Perfume Refill Set

Say goodbye to bad smelling bins with our EKO bin perfume capsules.

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EKO bin perfume capsule, scent lasting for 4-6 weeks.

Our EKO Perfume Capsules are compatible with our Perfume Capsule Holders to mask bad odours and help keep bins smelling fresh at all times.

Features include:

• Special membrane filter for effective perfume diffusion
• Available in two scents, Blue Ocean and Fresh Forrest
• 3 capsules per pack
• 4ml per capsule
• Compatible with our Perfume Capsule Holder

Product Code EK8011B
Dimensions  4cm diameter (4ml)
● Do not drink and do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
● Do not pierce the capsule, as the perfume may spill.
● Avoid eye or skin contact with the liquid. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with warm water immediately. If irritation persists, obtain medical attention right away.
● Keep away from fire and ignition sources when stock and use.
Material Allyl amyl glycolate, Iso-methylionone, Linalyl acetate, Methyl cedryl ketone, Lilialdehyde, Lemon Terpene, Linalool, Iso E Super, H.C.A, Dihdromyrcenol, Benzyl benzoate, IP CLEAN HX, DipropyleneGlycolMethylEther
Bar code Blue Ocean 6951800683105, Fresh Forrest 6951800683099

9 reviews for EKO Bin Perfume Refill Set

  1. Steven Coppard (verified owner)

    Bought these to go on our new Eko Cube 45l bin. We never had enough room in our old bin and my wife was skeptical about me paying so much for a bin so she totally punished it with old leftover food that was turning, raw salmon and beef offcuts, meat and fish wrappers and so on. These not only eliminated the odours, but also kept the bin smelling fresh all week, even though it lives in a conservatory and we had blazing sun all week. I used to heave taking out a bin bag like that, but not with these capsules – they are fantastic and a perfect partner to the Eko Cube. Can’t recommend this enough – solved a number of problems perfectly.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Martin (verified owner)

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