EKO Bin Perfume Starter Set

Say goodbye to bad smelling bins using our EKO Bin Perfume Starter Set.

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The EKO Perfume Starter Set.

Eradicate unpleasant bin smells with the EKO Perfume Starter Set. Complete with a perfume capsule holder and 6 perfume scent capsules.

The capsule holder is a self adhesive device which when paired with our compatible perfume capsules is a smart solution to help disguise unpleasant household waste odours.
EKO perfume capsules fit neatly inside the holder and the self-adhesive device sticks firmly to the underside of household bin lids to mask odours and keep your bin smelling fresh at all times.

Our bin odour starter set comes with 3x Blue Ocean Fresh scents and 3x Forest Fresh scents lasting 4-6 weeks

Features include:

• Suitable for sensor or pedal bins excluding Ecofly 30L
• 3M adhesive tape that leaves no residue
• Robust yet neat design
• Special membrane filter for effective perfume diffusion
• 6 capsules included
• 4ml per capsule
• Compatible with EKO bins any other branded bins

CAPSULE DIMENSIONS  4cm diameter (4ml)
● Do not drink and do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
● Do not pierce the capsule, as the perfume may spill.
● Avoid eye or skin contact with the liquid. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with warm water immediately. If irritation persists, obtain medical attention right away.
● Keep away from fire and ignition sources when stock and use.
MATERIAL Allyl amyl glycolate, Iso-methylionone, Linalyl acetate, Methyl cedryl ketone, Lilialdehyde, Lemon Terpene, Linalool, Iso E Super, H.C.A, Dihdromyrcenol, Benzyl benzoate, IP CLEAN HX, DipropyleneGlycolMethylEther
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    I’ve removed the cover but there is no smell coming out.

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